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Lonely little lady

"S-so um, Emma?"Jonathan croaked. "Yeah John" Emma replied while slowly leaning into John's side. "D-di you see the news? About the guy dressed up as Shrek raping everybod...?"

The room feel silent after the loud croak of the back door opening slowly but surely. The sound of footsteps slowly neared the two and a large figure walked into the light. It was Shrek.

Emma stared in horror and John wrapped his arms around Emma. "If you want to get to her, youll have to go through me!" Suddenly a man burst yhrough the door and dropkicks Shrek into the wall. Shrek hits the wall with a thud and the man yells out "BUT WAIT, THERES MORE" and then shoves a tupe down shreks throat, pouring Oxi-clean into Shrek until he died. The man looks at the two and smile. "Billy mays here"

Emma and John run up and hug the man. Emma looked up at the man. "Thank you dad" Billy Mays nodded and smiled, rubbing her head.


"Well, I am not OK with you thinking you can just do things without me, you know?" Lesbian Dad was wiping at her face as a tear began to trickle into the picture. "When you were little, it was easy, you know?"
"And now that I am independent, it scares you, huh?"

I mean, back then you would cry and we had a list of things we could do to comfort you. Tummy, yummy, cuddles, diapers. Rock you to sleep and listen to the sound of your contented snores. No problems. And now that you are growing up so fast, I just don't know anymore. Don't you think we want you to be happy? To have a happy life? A lot of friends and fitting in and art. . .and music and contentment. . ."
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When One Hundred Million Died

Birds mostly. In the morning we would find the evidence of the carnivorous rampage everywhere. Clumps of blood and bone in the underbrush and feathers everywhere. Shiny stuff too; who knows where that even came from. Glittering on snow like shards of champagne confetti. In the center of it all, a gathering of crows, their beaks clicking in unison, throats opening to the call out: "We will not fly for this kind of carnage; we will not take this lying down at all!"
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"Roast beef sweat sock sandwich coming right up!" said the sad spirit from his velvet chair. Sad Sam had been haunting this dump for as long as he had been dead. Lost between two planes, the former deli owner slash comedian was getting restless for some company. "Yogurt pantyhose croissants and cheese sticks! Do I have any takers or do I have to fly this sandwich solo?"
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