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John's Cricket

On a hot summer day, John was outside playing with his brother Billy.
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A Diner's Delight

"Well, today I'm starting a new job!!" Ashley said.
"Oh! What a hoot! You got the nervous jitters! Don't drink too much coffee then!" As soon as Erin said this, she spun around on her heel with the coffee pot in hand, and just like that- the pot seemed to have a mind of its own, leaping from her boney grasp, and danced through the air until it met its final resting place, right below Ashleys feet. Her beautiful suit now covered in brownish amber staines.
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Weaken Us Not

At that moment, Eliza wanted nothing more than to throw herself into Rylee's arms and hug her --- tightly, lovingly. In Rylee, Eliza had found not only a best friend but an obedient servant whose willingness to suffer hardship and inhumane living conditions at the pleasure of her master appears boundless. When Eliza took a brutal beating at the hands of her foster father, Rylee was there to patch her up and assuage the pain. When Eliza was recovering and craved a bowl of chicken soup, Rylee headed for the market.



The car door opens. Somebody pushes me out of the backseat. And then I hear the roar of the engine as the car speeds away without even stopping. Somehow I manage to push myself up to my knees and look around me, trying to get my bearings. I have no idea where I am. I’m stranded in the middle of a quiet street, no sounds of traffic or other activity. Without my phone, my purse, or even – I realize – my clothes. All I have on are my panties and a torn scrap of what might once have been a petticoat.

I have no idea what time it is, but it can’t be more than a few hours since I was meeting my best friend Becky over at the junior prom. Since neither of us had boyfriends, we had all just decided to come on our own and get a table as a group with some other friends – bookish Matt, surfer-boy Ace, and Sue with her boyfriend Ronny. We’d all been just friends ever since grade school, but by the third dance Becky had claimed Matt for her own, which left me with Ace, who was a bit of a slacker but pretty cute, besides being the only one who actually had a car. So it was just the natural decision to all go out together for ice cream after the prom was over.

The last thing I remember is getting into Ace’s car with Becky, crammed in the back beside Ronny and Sue, all of us laughing and singing to the car radio.

My name is Christi. I’m 16 years old.

So how did I end up here?
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