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The Self Aware Story

It took me long enough to realize what it had been that held me back from telling for so long. Despite the story being mine, I know myself as only another character. Of all possibilities only the one of being alone frightened me, so others were created as well, unique and apart from me interacting on screens that practically redefine the meaning magic and science. I should greet you, but as I run out of time I query. "what adventure shall we have creator?"
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(%$# was AVe. showed itself as a home address. Sensical as this seems, she assessed the possibility of absurdity. Codes, lyrics, rhythms, all are to unravel. What discriminates one from another? A language is merely sound vibration assigned to relevant value.
Anything can make sense if formulaically inclined.
Constructs are values assigned to random vibration. Once those are in place, equations are brewed.
Classically, the number one represents a sole entity. Agreed. What would one be without the contrast of two? Was two ever one? one could be driven insane with the simplicity of this dynamic.


Vibration guided her feet through the crowd. Enticing all senses, the deep and penetrating feeling of sound drew her further into the music. Entranced by the zooming charge, oblivious to the bare skinned undulations, she charged toward the speaker as if it had demanded her presence. Possessed by the sound, she offered her body to the speaker. Bliss overtook her being as if orgasm could envelop the entire body
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Near ago in a hazy dimension that was quite far in immeasurable distance though unfathomably near through dreams, was a spherical planet. This planet was strategically placed with bronzed and blonded men, striking the soil in unison. Mindlessly and without question they labored as if masterfully choreographed.
They uttered no words to one another and behaved as the most obedient and well trained human robots.
They struck continuously and for endless days until they discovered the other end of the planet. On that side was a strikingly similar group of beings. Uncanny resemblances were undeniable as if looking into a slightly bent mirror.
Each being was drawn to an almost twin like counterpart. Grunts of curiosity became distinct questions and comparisons.
Seemingly, all had a memory of a world that existed before the redundant and grueling shoveling of this globe. Together they concocted memories of art, history, technology, and civilization. Mysteriously, the memories mirrored each other with faint dissimilarities. The described image of an iconic painting was distinctly parallel other than a dimmed tone of one while the other was brilliantly vivid. Leaders of both worlds were matching in roles but with different perspectives. Technology seemed to coincide in dynamic but with strikingly contrasting purpose. While one missile was for destruction and penetration, the other was for distributing seeds.
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