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The hole that had opened in the vines did look like a mouth and the teeth that he imagined were nothing more than the loose vines hanging down. The house looked like a old Victorian style that he had seen in books that he had read. He dropped his bike and hurried through the opening not knowing what the growling sound had been but he had never been one to shy away from animal sounds anyway.

As he approached the old house he did not notice the vines closing up behind him. He kept hearing the growling sound and looked for some sort of weapon he could use if need be as he slowly walked toward the porch. The windows had long been broken and the screen door on the front was leaning to one side. The growling was getting louder as took his first step up onto the porch.

Dragons of the Zodiac: The Chosen

Not sure what this box wants?

LADIES! It's Business as Usual

Today an especially strange looking old lady came in, she looked at me as if I could tell her why she walked into my shop. I said to her "Afternoon, what can I do for you miss?". She studied me for a moment, then she reached into her purse and showed me something that I couldn't even believe I was looking at.


Wait! there is nothing to tread on.

Time is no meaning, All is but an illusion. The hands they do not turn, I see not the very minute or the hour or the day or the.........

I am not here, I am only in this place that may not even be here but as I see, I am blind so who is really on the treads and where do we begin?

I wonder and I walk and I run and think but no time is given and something has awaken and it stirs and my feet they do move but to tread is no where.
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