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Lonely little lady

Being a bird would be awesome. That is what 23 year old Emma Davidson thought.
"I envy you so much" said Emma. The day was getting better, but that didn't change that stupid marriage that her parents arranged. This could be the day world peace was accomplished, this could be the day a cure for all the world's diseases was made, but she would still have to go along with this. Suddenly, a voice called her..


He stopped abruptly and heard the growling sound again, not sure where it was coming from so he tightened his grip around the board in his hand. He heard the door close to the front of the house and prepared himself for a confrontation with whatever or whoever may be in the house with him.

In time, 4 years in the future, Ken and sandy were still putting up pictures of Arlin on all the telephone poles and continuing to bug the sheriff about any news in the investigation of their missing son.


Ella kept staring at the wall and then there was no wall and her cello fell over from its stand. No sound came from the crash. She looked into the void of white noise and saw another being walking toward her. The person kept walking but seemed to never get any closer. She started to pick up her cello but it was on it's stand. She looked at the person walking toward her again but the person was still walking and getting no closer. Something stirred next to her and as she turned, her eyes opened in great surprise. She opened her mouth to speak and.......


The TV continually showed the rioting and the bombings and the people in miserable conditions. Sierra truly wanted to change this evil world back to the ways it was before the wars came but all she could do was cry and finally ran out to the woods from her house. Once out in the woods where her favorite spot was she peered up at the moon and gasped as the sister moon spoke to her. She heard it say that she must go to the northern town where her Aunt lived and then she would be guided to help heal the present circumstances. She asked the Moon why this had all happened but sister moon was quiet.
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